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With an unlimited range in movement, moving from 2 inches off the ground to 400ft into the air, our custom built aerial filming octocopters and quadcopters can provide you with the shots that no other piece of equipment can. Remote controlled, fully GPS stabilised, offering a full 360 degree range of camera movement and able to carry cameras up to 5kg in weight we can provide stunning aerial footage for all range of productions. We are fully licensed by Euro USC with full permission for aerial film and photographic work from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Combining the latest in high end aerial filming technology we use the Freefly Movi M15 and M10 gimbals and the Red Dragon cinema camera to provide stunning aerial filming in up to 6k. The Red Dragon can also shoot in up to 400 fps allowing super slo mo from the air. We also fly with the Paralinx Tomahawk HD Link. This can send a full HD signal up to 2000ft at less than 1 m/s latency making our octocopters perfect for live TV, Sports or for live HD viewing by directors on film/commercial/music video shoots.

We have worked on high end feature films, TV, adverts, music videos and corporate productions. Our list of clients include Warner Bros, Disney, Fox, ABC, BBC, Nickelodeon, Red Bull, Channel 4, ITV, RDF, UKTV, Mazda, Dunlop, Endemol, Codemasters, Forestry Commission and The National Trust. We come to most shoots with 2 full multi rotor rigs and 2 Movi gimbals for complete cover from any technical issues. We have all the experience, technology and capabilities to capture stunning footage from nearly any angle you require.


Our rates

  • 10 hour day - X2 operators (Pilot/Camera Op) Octocopter with Movi gimbal

  • Red Dragon

  • Canon 5D mkII

  • Canon C300

  • Lenses available

  • Travel

  • + Commercial rates apply. Please contact to discuss the use of any other cameras and rates

  • £1700 per day

  • £395 per day

  • £60 per day

  • £200 per day

  • 30 per lens per day

  • 55p per mile

  • All prices subject to VAT

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